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    Important Notice
    Esteem 11 is released.

    For those eligible for free upgrade to Esteem 11 we will contact you regarding the new Esteem 11 release.

    Starting from 28 Feb 2022 onwards, there would be a yearly maintenance fees to receive Esteem technical support and software updates. Technical Support to Esteem 10 will be stopped on 28 Feb 2022*. Note: Esteem may stop to support previous versions of the Product upon availability of the updated version.

    *Correction: Previously stated as 31 Jan 2022. Has been corrected to 28 Feb 2022.


Intuitive Input


Floor key plan GUI input with fully integrated project management. Intelligent input short-cuts, such as auto data generation and data checking.

Comprehensive output


Completed details of slab, beam, column, wall and footing for draughting, including(but not limited to) the column/wall schedule, footing key plan and schedule for both pad and pile foundation.

Finite Element Mesh

3d analysis

Automatic adaptive mesh generation for well-graded triangular and quadrilateral shell elements. Post -analysis load combinations, graphical deflection and analysis textual output.

Remote Support

 If you require immediate remote assistance, please contact us at


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