Esteem Innovation

Esteem Innovation is a Building Intelligence Modeling Software-House involved in the research, development and marketing of software products for the structural consulting engineering industry in Malaysia.

Our main software product, Esteem Integrated Total Solution is being used in most structural consulting engineering firms locally to model, analyze, design and detail RC structures.

Making A Difference

Since the release of our 1st version, EsteemPlus in 1994, we have been continuously working to improve our main product, Esteem Total Integrated Solution with latest software technology and engineering research to meet the needs of the structural consulting engineer.

Esteem Total Integrated Solution allows a design engineer to easily model a structure and then automatically performs the following:

  • Generate well formed mesh
  • Perform 2D and 3D Finite Element analysis
  • Generate design calculation report and detailing according to code of practice: BS, CP and EC2

In addition to our main product, we have software modules for Staircase, Section Builder, Footing and Steel Connection.

ESTEEM has more than 3,200 copies of license in Malaysia including the top 5 National Universities and Malaysia Public Works Department (JKR), and our software has also been used in countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Qatar. 

Our Commitment

  1. Save time for the construction industry.
  2. Reduce human error. Everything is integrated for the conventional manual design calculation, detailing and quantity take-off.
  3. Prevent messy paper work such as recording, highlighting, remarking, etc that always create confusions.
  4. Flexible. Usually in design, modifying one design parameter will cause a chain-reaction resulting in re-calculation of the whole project. With Esteem, it just reproduces the updated output results within a fraction (1%) of the time spent in the manual calculation.
  5. Build in Malaysian reinforcement concrete design parameter templates.
  6. User-friendly. User able to operate the software just by learning through e-tutorial. Official software training becomes an optional issue.
  7. Excellent detailing.
  8. Perfect for small building through to large and complex high-rise building.
  9. Build in internal checking that will prevent irrelevant input. To preserve the data integrity, it will report the errors in input.
  10. Lower cost, while increasing productivity

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