BeamCadBeam Analysis, Design, and Detailing

In line with ESTEEM expansion, we are very pleased to announce that our Research and Development (R&D) engineers had successfully programmed ESTEEM BeamCAD International 1.0, an intuitive and user-friendly with brand new user interface and integrated structural design engineering solution fulfilling current construction reinforced concrete (R.C.) design needs!


Beamcad Overview

BeamCad module employs our latest release of ESTEEM 9 analysis, design and detailing engine. It is fast, efficient and simple in R.C. beam design with no limits hence providing full design and technical reports in details.

BeamCad module allows user to easily do a quick beam design right away, regardless of time and place and plays as a time-saving engineer solution as well as cost-saving assistance!

User Interface

BeamCAD User Interface is fully menu driven using all-in-one screen icons making the learning curve both intuitive and instantaneous.
BeamCAD Parameter Settings are comprehensive yet user-friendly. The parameter settings have been customised optimally for analysis, design, detailing and reporting.
However, users can set their own preferred parameter setting and save to parameter template for future projects.

Input feature

BeamCAD input is graphical. User can input all structural members as physical objects of beam, column and slab. Similarly, the input of loading such as uniform distributed load(udl), point load, triangular load, trapezoidal load, general variable load and torsion load is done graphically through load input icons or self-generated from the input data of physical objects. (more in Intuitive Input).

Intuitive object input

BeamCAD input is easy and fast. User is free to input any configuration of spans and loadings.
User can input all structural members as physical objects of beam, column and slab. Flexible beam span, front and back slab/beam, drop, support and column input allow users to configure any model including tapered beam. User can define various support conditions such as upper column and lower column, pin, fix or even spring boundary conditions.


Result Diagram

Beam Analysis

Analyses the input data using the Finite Element Method and the analysis results are used for design of beam.
Design Result

Beam Design

Designs the analysis results of moment, shear and torsion complying with Code of Practice such as BS8110, CP65, EC2, ACI-318 and AS3600.

Beam Detailing

Detailing is based on the design results and it can be exported for construction drawing.
Three Dimensional View

Perspective 3-Dimensional Views

BeamCAD comes with 3-dimensional views which the model can be viewed at any angle and direction so that checks on the accuracy of the beam modeling can be easily done.
Force and deflection diagrams

Plot of force and deflection diagrams

BeamCAD is able to generate and plot the behavior of beam result diagram which includes moment, shear, torsion and deflection diagrams.
Summary Report

Tabulations of Result

BeamCAD generates detail design calculation in a very systematic format and provide results in tabular form.
Code of Practice

Design Code of Practice

BeamCAD currently caters for BS8110:1985 & 1997, CP65:1999, Euro EC2, EC2 and ACI-318: 2008, which are more widely utilized today in the market.
Various Loading

Various Loading Type

Line loads such as Uniform Distributed Load, General Variation Load, Trapezoidal Load and Triangular Load can be input as partial, on particular beam section or on the whole beam in BeamCAD. Point Load and Torsional Load can also be input.
Print and Export Drawing

Print and Export Drawing

Numbers of analysis and design outputs can be exported up to your selection. Options such as detailing, result diagram, full report, summary report, loading report, and node value report are available for selection!

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