Esteem Section Builder Features

  • Intuitive and simple GUI to create column sections.
  • 2Standard and Arbitrary Column Sections, encased steel section i.e. composite column, with multiple voids in any shape.
  • 3Analysis, Design and Auto-Generated detailing.
  • 4Quasi-Newton + Backtracking technologies.
  • 5BS8110, ACI-318, AS3600,NZS3101, CP65, EC2, EC (NA to SS) code of practice design.
  • 6Export Detailing to DXF or DWG format.   
  • 7Design Calculation Report.
  • 8Export design calculation report as RTF format which can be open in Microsoft Word.
  • 9Compatible to install on Windows 7 SP 1, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 64 bit OS.

Latest Section Builder 4.9.284 New Feature

1. Allow the section to be move relative to the origin excluding the composite steel as shown highlighted in blue below:



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