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Intuitive Input


Floor key plan GUI input with fully integrated project management. Intelligent input short-cuts, such as auto data generation and data checking.

Comprehensive output


Completed details of slab, beam, column, wall and footing for draughting, including(but not limited to) the column/wall schedule, footing key plan and schedule for both pad and pile foundation.

Finite Element Mesh

3d analysis

Automatic adaptive mesh generation for well-graded triangular and quadrilateral shell elements. Post -analysis load combinations, graphical deflection and analysis textual output.


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Awards & Recognitions

  • 7th ICCT (International Conference on Concrete Technology) 2004: Winner of ‘Best Engineering Award’
  • MSC-APICTA 2005: Winner of ‘Best of Industrial Applications, Malaysia’
  • MSC-APICTA 2010: Merit Award of ‘Best of Industrial Applications, Malaysia’

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